Taurus and Virgo Love Match Compatibility

Taurus and Virgo Love Match Compatibility

Taurus and Virgo — these two grounded, stability-driven individuals, have the capability to build a strong relationship. The Taurus personality is kind and reliable, so is the Virgo personality. Taurus is gracious, placid, yet strong; Virgo is drawn to quiet and dignified power.

The earth signs of the zodiac share many goals and characteristics, enough for a Taurus and Virgo love match to not only work, but flourish. With such an ideal personality compatibility, there are few obstacles to overcome for the perfection both individuals desire.

Fundamentals of the Earth Signs — The Taurus Personality

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. Although astrologically young, the bull is quite ready, and even determined to settle into their cozy abode and stay there. Undoubtedly one of the earth signs, they love stability and security, to the point of being rather uncomfortable with change and risk. The Taurus personality tends to be solid and unmoving, like the earth, but also they are one of the most loyal and reliable signs of the zodiac.

Taureans are driven and even inspired by material possessions, especially those items that can increase the comfort and luxuriousness of their home. They have a knack for creating a beautiful and inviting domestic setting, not for display, but for personal joy. They are sometimes drawn to more fascinating and eccentric styles, and are able to enjoy collecting valuable pieces.

The Taurus personality is extremely amicable. Taureans are for the most part calm and non-confrontational, with the ability to be loving and patient in relationships. They are the signs of the zodiac which are always there when the more reckless sun signs are in trouble. Like their astrological representative, the bull, they can at times become explosively angry after allowing resentment to build.

Fundamentals of the Earth Signs — The Virgo Personality

Where Taurus is one of the earth signs in the sense of reliability and solidness, the Virgo personality embodies earthiness. Virgos tend to love the outdoors, simplicity, and purity. They appreciate and notice details, not necessarily in material, but in nature and totality, able to view things with a clear vision.

Virgos also tend to be some of the most hardworking people of the zodiac, relishing a stimulating, challenging job. They are willing to work, more for the well-being of others than themselves. The Virgo personality can be self-sacrificing as they are not often interested in material or gifts for themselves. Virgos are almost always nurturing, loving, and devoted.

Personality Compatibility in a Taurus and Virgo Love Match

How will Taurus and Virgo get along with one another? As two earth signs, the bull and the virgin have a lot of essential personality traits in common. They both crave stability, routine, and security, and are the most capable signs of the zodiac of giving that comfort to one another. Both Taurus and Virgo are trustworthy and honest, two extremely important characteristics, although more so for these two perceptive earth signs, both of whom can become jealous, even possessive and distrustful.

They may be able to understand one another’s sensitivity to feeling used by others, as well as their shared meticulous nature, as they both will go to lengths to finish a task that has been started, Taurus with determination, Virgo with patience. As well, the earth signs both require love and affection to nurture their own soft and loving characters; the bull needs physical affection, and the virgin, subtle romance. The personality compatibility of these two signs is remarkable when looking at their similarities and ability to answer the other’s needs.

Possible Tension Between the Taurus and Virgo Personality

As with any couple, problems may arise, even in a Taurus and Virgo love match. A Virgo can sometimes become too cold and critical for the warm-hearted Taurus, who may feel put off by such a scrutinizing nature. Also, there is a dichotomy with these two earth signs, that could become problematic.

Taureans seek their own comfort on this earth, and will go to great lengths, such as working in a job they do not particularly care for, to attain that goal. Virgos on the other hand may be content in a more spartan atmosphere, and are content working towards the well-being of others. They are extremely altruistic, while Taureans feel that they never have enough.

For the Taurus and Virgo love match to be successful, both individuals must respect the other’s natural tendencies. There is so much joy and comfort between the earth signs, that with care, this relationship can work.

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