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Taurus Dark Side Zodiac

Stubbornness, dogmatic thinking, and loyalty to a fault can be very difficult-to-manage traits. Perhaps their most annoying quality is the fact that they, to the person so affected, appear not to be flaws, but rather qualities. This inability to recognize one’s own flaws can make stubbornness a difficult trait to overcome, and it can represent the dark side of a Taurus’s personality, but they are not limited to just Taurus. Individuals of all signs would make good use of this advice

Stubborn Taurus

Stubbornness is generally thought to be a character flaw, yet there are certain circumstances in which it is viewed as a quality. Extremist religious groups, political fringes, or other ideological movements often prize dogmatic and close-minded thinking, relegating reason and doubt to the territory of the enemy or the Devil. Taurus individuals who are particularly stubborn will often feel most comfortable in situations in which they are praised for their steadfastness and refusal to ever change their minds.

The Taurus Male

As mentioned above, certain organizations can praise stubbornness as a virtue. This concept can be further extended to a certain gender that can view it as a virtue as well. Many men, often afraid of being perceived as weak or foolish, will refuse to admit their mistake and will stubbornly cling to an idea that they realize is wrong. This should be viewed as an expression of extreme insecurity; a man who behaves this way is so afraid of being seen as weak by others that he is willing to do things that appear to make no sense. Similar to Pisces, the Taurus male might experience intense emotions, but try to hide them from others.

Taurus Love

Stubbornness can be a positive in a relationship; it can give a Taurus an ability to stick it out in a troubled romance or marriage and try to make things work. It can also make them stay in a bad relationship much longer than they ever should. “Fixing” the relationship can be a point of pride for one who is extremely stubborn, even when the relationship is unhealthy and ought to end. This “stick it out” attitude can affect not only romantic relationships, but also rocky friendships, jobs, or investments.

It is important for Tauruses, and anyone suffering from the personality characteristic of stubbornness, to try to recognize their own inherent fallibility and the legitimacy of other people’s point of view. At the same time, stubbornness can still be recognized as virtue, but only when applied in the right circumstances.

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