12th House — The Doorway to Your Secret Past

12th House — The Doorway to Your Secret Past

On a deeper level, Aries on your 12th house cusp indicates that you need to get in touch with your warrior within. Whether from past lives or subconscious conditioning, you have a strong need to express who you are — the Aries need to manifest its energy on a concrete level. Other factors in your chart may cause you to deny this need, but it is still there and may erupt in unexpected ways.

After considering the sign on the cusp, look to see where the ruler of that sign is located in your chart. If Mars is in your 5th house, you may have been a fighter in some creative field, or fought for children’s rights in a past life. If Mars is in your 6th house, you may have fought disease in a laboratory or been a nurse on a battlefield.

Next you will want to look at any planets in your 12th house. These represent past life or subconscious energies that have a major impact on your life today. You may experience difficulty expressing the energy of these planets in your life. This does not mean that you cannot experience these planets in a positive way. They may even represent hidden talents and abilities from past lives. The problem lies in becoming conscious and aware of them so that you can put them to good use.

For example, let’s say you have Mercury in the 12th house. The planet of thinking/communication is hidden or held back in your chart. This could be due to a past life experience where you got into trouble as a result of your beliefs or words, or due to a very early life experience where your expressions were repressed by someone.

Whatever the cause, you might be inhibited in your speech, reluctant to speak up, have a speech impediment of some kind, or experience problems with circular thinking. If Mercury makes good aspects to other planets in your chart, this problem may naturally resolve itself, but if it makes challenging aspects, you will probably struggle to become aware of the roots of the problem yourself. In order to solve it, you will need to work on learning to use your communication abilities in a more positive way.

Once this Mercury is freed up, however, you will have the benefit of a mind that is able to draw upon the depths of knowledge buried in the 12th house. In

In other words, your 12th house hidden Mercury will turn into a strength.

The same can be said for any planet found in the 12th house. These planets represent energies that you concentrated upon past lives — in a sense, you are an expert on their use. Perhaps you misused them and you were “burned” by the experience, but that very misuse can give you the wisdom to know how to use them correctly now.

In fact, it can be argued that they are in your 12th house in this life precisely because you are challenging yourself to learn to deal with these energies in a positive way in this incarnation. In that sense, the 12th house represents the unfinished business of your life. At any rate, this positive potential is certainly present and should be used for maximum spiritual growth in this lifetime.

Finally, in any thorough examination of your 12th house, be sure to consider what houses in your chart are ruled by planets in the 12th. For example, if you have Venus in the 12th house and Libra on your 7th house cusp, there is a strong likelihood that conflicts or problems from past lives or early childhood experiences will dominate your present relationships.

If you are seeking to understand your 12th house and how the unfinished business of this life or past lives is influencing you today, I suggest that you find someone to discuss it with. Because this house represents hidden aspects of ourselves, it will be the most difficult house for you to understand. Objectivity is required but it is precisely here that you are the most subjective.

Talking to someone else who knows you and who also understands astrology can be a tremendous help in understanding how you are presently using the energies of these planets and how you can begin to use them for greater growth in your life.

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