The Ascendant/First House

The Ascendant/First House

self, body, health, temperament, vitality.

Sign: Aries

Element: Fire

Natural Ruler: Mars

This house represents the beginning or start of a person or event – depending on the type of astrology being applied. For this article we will look at the meaning of the First House from a person’s point of view. The Ascendant/First House

The First House represents the first moment of life as an individual, usually taken to mean the moment a child begins breathing on its’ own (although opinions do vary). In the case of premature or caesarian births the same holds true – the birth chart is drawn for when the child is actually born, not for when it was expected.

If the time of birth is unknown there are various astrological techniques available either to work out the time of birth (rectification) or to draw up the birth chart using alternative techniques such as the solar chart method. The Ascendant/First House

Anyway, back to the symbolism of the First House. Since it represents your moment of birth and beginning of your life the symbolism can also be extended to represent new stages in your life and how you approach/experience them.

For example if your rising sign was Aries and you had Mars in the First House (both known for assertiveness, bravery, ‘me-first’ attitude, and impulsiveness) then the birthing process of the individual was more likely to be quick. New phases in life and projects are likely to start quickly, with little preparation.

Another example to look at would be a person born with Capricorn Rising with Saturn in the First House. Because the symbolism associated with Capricorn and Saturn include delays, slow progress, hard work and difficulties with health, the birthing process may have been delayed or prolonged. The mother’s labour may have had to be induced, pushing the individual into existence before they felt ‘ready’. Once born the individual may have not coped well with its’ entrance into this world, possibly through difficulty in development, attachment to family members, problems with the skin, knees, bones and/or absorption of nutrients. The Ascendant/First House

The person with this symbolism operating at it’s most unconscious and extreme way would find that new life situations are not approached with excitement but with trepidation. They may need to be ‘pushed’ into trying new things or changing their approach to life… it’s almost as if these people don’t feel ‘ready’ to try something new, even if they consciously want to!

The First House also represents the physical appearance, the first impressions others gain of the individual, health and how the body is energised, personality, the environment or ‘atmosphere’. This part of the chart also represents early childhood. Of course, the interpretations could go on and on… but these are the main interpretations I put to the First House.

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