The Astrological Eighth House

The Astrological Eighth House

In my last article we had a look at the symbolism related to the

seventh house. In a nutshell, the indicators in this house represent the marriage or business partner and our ability to get along with others in general (on a one-to-one basis).

As we move from the seventh house where a formal marriage or business partnership has begun and move into the eighth house, we begin to develop our one-on-one relationship skills a bit further. As part of this transition into a deeper relationship, most couples have to contend with learning to compromise in many different ways.

Examples of this include the need to agree on how joint finances should be spent, invested or saved; should children be physically punished or not?; deciding how to spend important occasions such as Christmas – your family or your partner’s, or both?
This house is associated with Scorpio and Pluto (associated with sex, transformation, death, rebirth and psychotherapy) so if we extend the concept of a relationship moving into a deeper level, we can also include being ‘transformed’ through intimate matters. In a psychological sense, the ‘death’ of the individual is experienced through joining with another person at a deep level, thereby being ‘transformed’.

Another way to understand the eighth house is to say that it is opposite to the second house of your own values and earning capacity. The eighth house can then be viewed as your partner’s earning capacity and values. In a broader sense this house can also represent anywhere your money is involved with somebody or something else, such as a banking institution, taxation and investment.

So in an everyday sense, this house shows how we share what we have between a partner and vice-a-versa. In learning to compromise through this process we have to learn to deal with the ‘hidden’ aspects of our relating. By hidden I mean what goes on in the privacy of your relationship that most others are not aware of. The Astrological Eighth House

The eighth house is psychologically quite complex because it is also associated with the first bonding experience – usually with one of the parents early in the life of an individual. Difficulties in bonding with others at a deep level can often be traced back through eighth house symbolism to early emotional disappointment with this particular person that you relied on. The Astrological Eighth House

If there were difficulties that have been repressed then these need to be consciously addressed and examined in regards to their validity as an adult. In this way they can be worked with and re-examined from an adult’s perspective. The Astrological Eighth House

Once the symbolism of the eighth house has been explored (and unravelled!) the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the strengths provided within your birth chart are possible. Facing your personal fears can be once of the scariest experiences a person can go through, but also one of the most empowering.

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