The Astrological Fourth House

The Astrological Fourth House

The Astrological Fourth House

It’s been a while since we had a look at the Houses so I thought we’d better have a look at the next one – the 4th House.

We’ve had a look at the first three houses and how they can be interpreted both individually and as part of a developmental cycle.

If the First House represents the beginning of the individual: the Second House as becoming aware of ‘separateness’, and the Third House as trying to ‘connect’ to what is around in a mental sense, then the Fourth House can represent the need to consolidate all that has been collected through the previous houses and to begin the process of forming the identity.

The symbolism seen in the Fourth House describes whether the individual felt supported or not in developing their basic personality structure. Since this process occurs during the early, preliterate years of life many people do not consciously remember important milestones that affected them during this time – that’s one of the reasons why the themes represented by this house are often unconscious.

Contributing factors in the process of developing the individual naturally include the home life, parents (there is an on-going debate as to whether it represents the father or mother), heredity and family traditions, all that protects and helps the ‘self’ to grow, and the past (including past lives).

I find that this is one of the most significant houses in describing a person’s early home life and certain themes/years that are important in regards to current issues being faced. These can be brought to conscious awareness and worked through via psychotherapy. Once awareness has been achieved, the reprogramming of these subconscious thoughts and feelings can take place.

The Fourth House is extremely important because symbolically it is the foundation (this house is found at the lowest point of the birth chart) on which our lives are built, so the better you know and understand it the more likely that your structure will be viable enough to withstand the earthquakes and twisters of life!

If we look at a couple of examples you will see how the symbolism in this house can be expressed.

The Moon in the Fourth suggests an emotionally nurturing start in the process of developing the individual. A person with this placement usually finds a sense of security and belonging within the family structure as well as a comforting flow of emotions between family members.

As an adult the individual should be able to turn to family for support through challenging life stages, as well as being able to trust their feelings and intuition in dealing with life.

Saturn in the Fourth House suggests that there was a repressive environment or lack of opportunity to be in a situation that encouraged the development of the individual. There may have been hardship experienced within the family, or a family member may have been missing for various reasons. Regardless of the actual physical experiences, emotionally the situations faced perhaps made it difficult for the person to bond on an emotional level so that their developing personality had difficulty in finding a role model.

Once adulthood has been reached the person may have a sense of being ‘disconnected’ at some level or perhaps be a bit of a loner because of this. I get the feeling with this placement that the individual is searching for a ‘connection’ so that they can develop a part of themselves that had been left behind during the developmental process. Because of this sense of feeling incomplete the individual may find it difficult to put down roots of their own through starting their own family. Alternatively they may overcompensate for feeling alone through spending an unhealthy amount of time and energy trying to ‘connect’ to their own family: when what the individual needs is to connect with themselves!

As an adult the Fourth House represents your domestic life, family, heritage, psychological roots, property, father/mother, and your unconscious personality. The more conscious you become of your own Fourth House symbolism, the better able to utilise the potential of it’s energies you will be.

The Fourth House has been described as the House of ‘hidden treasure’, but before you can reach it you have to go through the process of digging up all the dirt and mud to find it!

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