The Astrological Ninth House-What is the ninth house ?

The Astrological Ninth House

The Astrological Ninth House

What is the ninth house in astrology?

In comparison to the previous house, the ninth house is relatively easy to handle – emotionally speaking! As we move from the

eighth house to the ninth house symbolism we have the opportunity to put our past experiences into perspective and to gain a better understanding of where they fit in to the big picture of our lives.

Before we look at the ninth house, it may be helpful to review the meaning of the previous one – the eighth house. Some of the themes associated with the eighth house include sex, transformation, death, rebirth and psychotherapy – basically any situation that requires us to dig deep within ourselves to ‘survive’ intense life situations.

Another way to look at the ninth house is in contrast to the opposite third house where logic, everyday thinking and local travel are represented. Through the ninth house the mind broadens into a more intuitive and symbolic expression of ideas – looking at the big picture. Where the third house represents local travel, this house represents long-distance journeys.

‘Why was I born?” is a question that relates to this house. For people with a strong ninth house this question may end up being a quest that entails many physical and psychological journeys in search of an answer.

Some of the areas where ninth house issues are looked for are through the legal system – basically the definition of what is right and wrong, religious interests, symbols, dreams and the occult (hidden knowledge). Where the third house gives us the urge to relate to the people around us, the ninth house gives us the desire to unite with something bigger than ourselves – something to believe in. This is where the abovementioned themes come into action.

Searching for something or someone to believe in, and for meaning in your life may also mean an interest in books, learning and higher education as well (the third house represents our early education).

Where the third house represents your relationship with a brother or sister (blood relations – peers), the ninth house represents your relationship with an in-law (relatives not related by blood), and grandchildren (for other, more technical reasons).

Let’s look at a couple of quick examples… Moon in ninth and Saturn in ninth.

The Moon in the ninth house natally indicates that the individual will have a good feeling for the language of symbols and tends to learn through soaking up impressions. Since the Moon represents the home, the individual would most probably live overseas at some stage of their life.

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