The Karmic Moon — Cycles of Incarnation

The Karmic Moon — Cycles of Incarnation

Whenever you gaze up at the night sky, you are looking into the past. The light you see took anywhere from seconds to millions of years to reach the earth. The Karmic Moon

Your birth chart also reflects the patterns of your past. In this way, it reveals your karmic destiny for this life.

The moon has always drawn the fascinated interest of humankind, both in the sky and in the birth chart. This is because the moon leads us back to the very roots of our being. It shows us our past, the deeply buried subconscious patterns that direct our lives. Understanding these patterns and consciously dealing with them is one of the keys to spiritual freedom and growth in this life. The Karmic Moon

To study the karmic moon in your birth chart, you will need to look at several factors. First of all, of course, consider the moon in its sign and house. For a discussion of how to delineate this combination, please refer to my previous articles where I discuss the karmic meaning of signs and houses.

Next, you will want to look at the moon in relationship to the sun. As always in astrology, we look to the sun to see the central theme of our lives. The moon reflects the sun and in our birth charts, the moon reflects how we will deal with the emotional issues we face in this incarnation as we seek to fulfill the central goal of the sun. In this sense, karma can be seen as the subconscious patterns of the past that either help or hinder us in achieving the goals of the present life. The Karmic Moon

The moon shows the emotional imprints we have brought into this life from prior lives. In this imprint we can see the emotional themes that need to be played out, or the emotional patterns that the entity has chosen to break in this life.

To consider the relationship between the moon and the sun, you will first want to note what aspect they make to each other? Easy? Challenging? No aspect at all? The Karmic Moon

Easy aspects indicate “karmic rewards” that you bring with you from past lives. These are healthy patterns that will help you to achieve your goals in this life. Since the patterns of the moon are subconscious, you need to be aware that these patterns exist so you can tap into them. This is one of the benefits of astrology.

Challenging aspects show difficult emotional patterns within the subconscious. If we remain blind to these patterns, they can cause us tremendous problems in our lives. But by becoming aware of them and working with them consciously, we can release the trapped energy and make great strides in inner growth.

Now, it may be that the moon and sun in your chart are not in some traditional aspect, but they are still involved in a never-ending cycle of experience. This cycle is based upon the phases of the moon. You can easily find out which moon phase you were born under by looking at your birth chart.

Each month the moon and sun meet in the sky — this is called a new moon. If you were born in the New Moon phase (0 to 45 degrees ahead of the sun), your life in this incarnation is all about making a fresh start. Of all the moon types, you will be the least hampered by the past. Your gaze is focused on the future.

Next, the swiftly moving moon draws away from the sun carrying the seeds of solar will she received in this meeting. The growing phase after the new moon is called the Crescent Phase (45 to 90 degrees ahead of the sun. The karmic heritage of those born under this phase is one of struggle against the forces of the past. The seeds planted at the new moon are struggling to be born; there is tension between the past locked within the seeds and the future. Crescent phase souls will face a battle between past conditioning and present goals in this lifetime. Their driving need is to focus their vision, but the struggle is likely to be on the emotional level.

As the moon enters its first square to the sun (90 to 135 degrees ahead of the sun), it begins the First Quarter phase. This is also a challenging phase. The energy here is focused on building the vision. People born under this phase of the moon carry a karmic challenge that will manifest in struggles with the physical world as they strive to bring their goals into concrete manifestation.

The next phase is the Gibbous Moon (135 to 180 degrees ahead of the sun). This phase of the moon deals with adjusting and refining what has gone before. People born under this phase are intent on cleansing their karmic heritage of past patterns

patterns that hinder them and empowering constructive patterns for the future. This is one of the introspective phases of the moon and people born under this phase have incarnated to focus on specific personal aims.

The Full Moon phase sees the moon opposite the sun (180 to 135 degrees behind the sun). Here the moon is at its greatest distance from the sun and the process of building is complete. The light of the Full Moon marks a time of greatest consciousness. People born under this phase are awakening in a new way to self-understanding. Because self-understanding often comes through interaction with others, this incarnation phase usually faces its challenges in consciousness through relationships.

The Disseminating Moon personality is born with the moon 135 to 90 degrees behind the sun. As the name implies, those born at this phase have incarnated to focus on releasing the knowledge they have gathered in past lives. They are here to communicate the wisdom they have achieved through the earlier cycles of the moon in previous incarnations.

The Last Quarter Moon phase comes with the moon 90 to 45 degrees behind the sun. Look up into the sky during this phase and you will see the moon half-light, half-dark and the light diminishing. The soul incarnated under this phase is letting go of goals that have driven it through many past incarnations and looking towards a new orientation. Previous beliefs are questioned and discarded and old patterns broken as the soul seeks a new path.

The Balsamic Moon (0 to 45 degrees behind the sun) is known as the “dark of the moon.” Here the life force must fall into the ground to become a seed awaiting renewed germination with the coming new moon. This is known as an especially karmic phase because here the evolving soul must take the transformed knowledge and beliefs of many incarnations and plant them again in the fertile ground of faith to await again a fresh, new birth.

If you were born under this phase, you are experiencing a lifetime where you meet many situations and people representing unfinished business from your karmic past. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for healing so that the new beginning can be made on a strong foundation.

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