weight loss-5 Simple Methods to Lose Those Last 5 Pounds


weight loss-5 Simple Methods to Lose Those Last 5 Pounds

Losing the last predetermined five pounds is a battle many people happily or miserably embrace, depending if its the beginning of a diet or the end of a longer weight loss attempt. If all perspective is lost and the decision to reach a weight five pounds lighter is all consuming, past methods must be discarded.

What Results in Short Term Weight Loss Only

There are methods to simply and quickly drop the 5 pounds, the problem is keeping them off. Usually quick weight loss isnt maintained when it is lost in the following ways:

  • Weight loss pills will decrease the appetite and remove the five pounds… until either the drug supply is depleted or the body is accustomed to the drug.
  • Shots may have a placebo effect and can help temporarily but eventually the body can’t be fooled and the weight returns.
  • Colonics can change the acid balance internally and aren’t safe as a long-term plan, regardless of weight loss prior to colonoscopy procedures.
  • Cookie diets reduce the total caloric intake but the craving for real chocolate or bread or starch eventually overwhelms the dieter.

Solutions for Those Last Five Pounds

This isn’t an immediate solution to fit better into an outfit by the weekend but there is an easier and less expensive solution than joining the many weight loss clinics which require tests and appointments.

Accepting the weight isn’t a weight loss solution but a technique to change the inner self criticism. If that isn’t possible, try the following:

  • Interval training – Theories debate continuous exercise vs. spurts. Active spurts of walking and running seem to be effective and sustainable for even non-athletes. Ideally practice interval training an hour a day four days a week. Acceptable is three hours a week over three days with rest in between. Over time, weight is lost if all else remains constant due to burning more calories and building muscle mass.
  • Elliptical training – 3.5 miles per hour at 25 minutes is better than 4.0 for 10 minutes. Aim for 25 minutes until 30 minutes seem natural and then increase the speed in small increments weekly. If the elliptical has inclines, use this to increase the energy expended. This is a plan that doesn’t imply changing any food intake. Check out an activity burn chart for calorie burned numbers.
  • Walking daily as weight loss method – Prevention Magazine is an advocate of the power of walking. Walking briskly 30 minutes a day and not changing anything else can result in a 10-pound weight loss over a year. Leaving room for error and rainy days, assume this will provide the five pound weight loss.
  • Pedometers help measure steps. Walking 2000 steps a day (1 mile) will maintain a healthy weight. Adding more steps increases the odds of losing a few pounds.
  • Sleep – Too much sleep makes the body sluggish but too little doesn’t rev the engine to burn more fat. It only serves to keep the body sluggish conserving what little energy there is for getting through the day. The average person needs between six to nine hours a night for cortisol production and weight stability. Lack of sleep can increase stress and cortisol causing weight gain.
  • Food plan – Don’t deprive the body of all cravings but set aside a day or time to satisfy one or two. If wine is a luxury then have it on Saturday only. Similarly, chocolate. No one item is going to destroy an entire weight loss plan. If it is determined that even having one of the desired item leads to total lack of control, for example, one potato chip, then that item should be discarded and a substitute found. If it’s salty and crunchy that is desired, try a pretzel rather than a chip once a week.

If the American Dietetic Association claims cutting 100 calories a day results in a loss of 10 pounds a year, cutting 50 calories a day (salad dressing, a can of soda, coffee lattes with cream, or Starbucks café Mocha?) may result in a loss of five pounds.

Logically speaking, five pounds isn’t even a different dress size, but a comfort zone. Most people can lose the weight- the trick is maintaining the weight loss. The above measures are a good beginning to long-term loss of small amounts of weight. It didn’t happen overnight; so not focusing on immediate loss is more productive ultimately.

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