What’s your secret desire?

What’s your secret desire

If you could have one wish in life, what would it be?

I don’t mean the obvious things like winning the lotto, a great new body or the romance of the century. Maybe you would wish for those things, and maybe they would bring you a temporary high. But most of us know, deep down inside, that finding lasting happiness is bit more complex than that.

What wish, if fulfilled, would give you the inner peace and contentment that comes from knowing you have experienced the best life has to offer?

Astrology teaches us that such peace comes from fulfilling our deepest potentials. The twelve signs of the zodiac are energies that encompass all of human experience. Each one focuses on a way to approach or experience life. In other words, each sign has a “secret desire” that it wants to fulfill.

When you look at your birth chart, you will see that you have each one of these signs somewhere. These “secret desires” are human needs that we all experience — and needs that we all must somehow fulfill. But just as each chart is unique, so some of us have a greater need to meet specific “secret desires.” And when a certain sign is really emphasized in our chart, that “secret desire” becomes a focal point of our life, whether we realize it or not.

When you understand your birth chart, you hold a roadmpap that lets you see which desires are most vital in your life. By paying attention to meeting the needs of each sign according to that roadmap, your life will be transformed.

Let’s take a look at the secret desires of each sign. This is a very simplified list, but I believe it catches some of the essence of what each sign desires.

Aries has a secret desire to be a leader in life, to be number one. You are a risk-taker at heart and you will never really be happy until you set your independent spirit free.

Taurus has a secret desire to feel secure in the material world. Let others run off and take risks, you want to stay at home and build something solid.

Gemini has a secret desire to connect. With a restless mind that is curious about everything under the sun, you need constant variety and activity in order to feel alive.

Cancer has a secret desire to feel secure in the emotional world. With moods as constantly changing as the moon, you defend yourself against change by protectively nurturing yourself and others.

Leo has a secret desire to express its essence. Like the sun, you were born to radiate light. No wonder you want to be a star!

Virgo has a secret desire to achieve perfection. Unfortunately, Virgo knows it isn’t perfect and that leads to frustration. The key to happiness for a Virgo is knowing where to draw the line.

Libra has a secret desire to be loved by everyone. Relationships are as vital to you as air to breathe. Your challenge is to find the balance point between yourself and others.

Scorpio has a secret desire to experience intensity. Like the legendary Phoenix — one of your symbols — you want to burn up in the heat of passion and be reborn.

Sagittarius has a secret desire to explore. Life for you is an endless quest with the goal just around the corner. A Sagittarius truly must learn to enjoy the journey.

Capricorn has a secret desire to make things happen. And you have a responsible plan for doing it. You long to bring order out of chaos.

Aquarius has a secret desire to be unique. The beaten path is not for you. Instead, you use individuality as the doorway to transformation and enlightenment.

Pisces has a secret desire to inspire. You have a powerful imagination and an ability to move beyond the natural limits of reality. Most of all, you want to live your dream.

Interesting, you say, but what does it mean to me?

It’s my belief that the spiritual journey is a journey of self-awareness. I don’t believe we are here to meet some arbritary standard of behavior, nor do I believe that at the end of our lives we will face some judgment to see if we have measured up. Instead each of us is on a journey of understanding and understanding comes through experience. The more we experience the essence of each sign and the more we understand what we are experiencing, the more we will grow spiritually.

Knowing what these inner needs are helps us to tap into a deeper experience of that essence. For example, where does Aries fall in your birth chart? That is where you need to have the experience of being a leader. In the second house? You might choose to experience being a financial leader, or you might choose to lead the fight to save the resources of this planet. In the ninth house? You secretly desire the experience


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