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12 Astrology Zodiac Signs, Meanings and Compatibility

Zodiac signs is the picture shows the original form of life and other activities which related all interested coordinator which connects everything with the combination of facts and figures – the objective creates the activities like we walk and talk whatever we do in the structured basis called zodiac sign – it is functionally formed by the date of birth and the time fixed by the god generates our birth with an form of recreating the life with an previous attainments..Zodiac Signs

A horoscope signs extracts the form of its own actual consistency to the reaction for our own purpose of life and other source of figures generates the incredulity and the ocean like interested nature called horoscope – it exhibits the real nature formation and also the recreating the life which describe the achieved nations and all other people who are all engaged to create the originality in the concept of – sign and the scope which depicts the generation gap and the source are all same but it varies in the time and the concept of distraction to the people formation and the time fixed to the contraction.Zodiac Signs

These positions are plotted on the chart according to their relation to the Earth, at the time of the birth of any individual. A horoscope is what astrological predictions are based on, as every horoscope is different and is a representation of the personality and destiny of the individual. The possibility of attaining the concept which impact the nation to the people who are all in the received time and its activities generates the real actual time – whatever we do that depicts the form and its reason for it.So, this implies the more meaning for the life and connecting to our life which means a lot to get the subscribed by the god which is as a gift. This implies in all region of people and conditions according to the facts.Zodiac Signs


 March 21 to April 19

You are born under the zodiac sign of Aries -the fire sign of the zodiac-Aries is a unique zodiac sign because whether you are a man or woman, you have both male and female personalities within you There are times where you will feel that compassionate side–then there are times you feel that aggressive, powerful side.  Aries loves to be in charge of everything, especially their own life.  Aries make great managers and supervisors in the human resource field, even when it comes to sales or running your own business or corporation.  When it comes to love Aries love to be adored and admired.Zodiac Signs

Aries longs to be appreciated , and Aries should be adored and admired throughout life. People don’t realize how soft your heart is –and how much you look out for people.  But once someone takes you for granted–you are pretty much done with them.  When it comes to love , Aries loves a person that has their own.  Even if you don’t have your own an Aries will work with you –if they are attracted to you .  Aries love to laugh and have a great time through conversation.  When it comes to passion, Aries loves to experiment, and Aries knows how to give propers to the person who has that stamina that will knock their socks off.  Aries can be experimental in the bedroom, but the passion and dominance will always be there–and with some zodiac signs it may clash. horoscope signs 

Aries can go along with other Aries but someone will have to let go of that control –there will always be passion–but after that then what?  Aries will always have that attraction to Leos, Libras, Cancers, Capricorns, and Sagittarius.  With all of these zodiac signs coming after you its up to you Aries –the power is in your hands—believe it or not.  Some Aries have to focus on what they truly want in life and some Aries have to learn to listen to others–you can be stubborn at times –and it can be a nightmare when you don’t listen.  Always focus on the positive Aries, and watch your need for speed when driving.  zodiac signs

Take your time–and know when it is time to leave that job.  If you have been there too long–and there is no progress move on to the next one .. You have the skills to be in charge.   Aries must watch out for people who try to take them for granted.  Aries are givers and they are pleasers–but if you cross them in the wrong manner you will regret it –and lose a great friend. Aries are known for ramming their opinions or thoughts down your throat–but you have to respect their honesty. Patience isnt a good word for an Aries–they lack patience–and if they dont get  their way they can be subject to child like episodes.  Aries get bored easily-so you have to keep their mind and body satisfied.  Aries is a true Fire sign and the 1st on the Zodiac realm. zodiac signs

Taurus- Zodiac Signs AND MEANINGS

April 20- May 20

TAURUS : You are born under the zodiac sign Taurus the symbol of the BULL You are the earth sign of the zodiac –Taurus people are strong yet sensitive–lots of people harp on Taurus for their BULL HEADED ways but thats a Taurus it takes a Taurus time a long time to make up their mind–but once their mind is made up forget about it !!!!! IT IS DONE….

Taureans love hard and some Taureans love fast Its good for a Taurus person to look for that mate that you don’t have to change or make better. Taureans find themselves always not seeing eye to eye with the person that they are interested in. zodiac signs

The Taurus can be college educated, or have certain interests in life–meanwhile they will hook up with someone who doesn’t have the same plans in mind. Taurus you need a EQUAL –not a person you have to constantly keep dragging along. You have a very sensitive heart–and you are very giving–there are times where you get back what you deserve. But you do get those things thru blessings –just by praying. For some reason–Taureans prayers get answered fast–before you know it –People are drawn to you, and your aura. zodiac signs

You are a loved person by many but its up to you not to stress yourself on issues that you can’t control. Taurus loves attention, and affection. It doesn’t take too much to please a Taurus sometimes the little things seem to be so large to a Taurus they will appreciate the things you do for them.zodiac signs

Let that Taurus eat –Taureans love a good meal–especially if its cooked for them!!!! the closest way to their hearts is thru their stomachs… 🙂 Taurus people have a tendency to be in and out of religion. One minute they can be on fire for God -the next-they could possibly cuss you out on a given day. Taurus has to be careful not to let the pressures of life–or their friends and family bring them down. Taurus is very sensitive–but they love to be loved.

Taurens hold on tight to all relationships they dont believe in throwing in the towel-they have lots of passion and care when it comes down to loving someone. zodiac signs

Taureans have to be careful when choosing a mate that the potential person adds up to their brain power and lifestyle. Some Taurus people have a tendency to drop their standards when it comes to choosing a mate or partner–and you shouldnt!!! Taurus people dont enjoy CHANGE–so dont even think about CHANGING their world –That will get a Bull upset everytime.zodiac signs


May 21 – June 21

Gemini : You are born under the sign of Gemini you are the air sign of the zodiacs you are a born thinker of the zodiacs–most Gemini people get depressed or out of sorts when you can’t go to the next level Gemini don’t sweat the small stuff–move on to the next goal–you are a thinker-and you do have your head up in the clouds–but its up to you to come down to earth to receive your true blessings. You are very creative-and curious about everything in life. zodiac signs

Gemini people are like boxes of chocolates you never know what type of chocolate piece you will get–but when you do get it –enjoy every minute of it –Gemini loves change and gets bored easily- Gemini is always willing to meet new people and do new things. Eventhough Gemini people are sensitive and smart they will let their closest family members stress them– pick and choose when you answer YOUR telelphone Gemini. Trust your gut Gemini– you are not a followerso don’t be one you are a person that moves in your own way yes you can be stubborn and you should listen to the ones in your life who truly matter–not those so-called outsiders. Continue to be creative and curious Gemini–and learn to adapt to your personalities .

Take things to the next level Gemini . Gemini people -your mind is so open and free-and you are so curious at times –be careful of the family and friends calling you to just STRESS you .. You and Stress dont get along–just like you and coffee. Thats right i said Coffee–does bad things to your body Gemini–you already have enough energy and sleep like a newborn child. There are times you have to take time out for you-and only you. People think you are an energizer bunny—but you are not. You are human just like everyone else–but you have a sweet heart—and some people try their best to play you. But deep down inside Gemini–trust your insides –it will never faily you –You are highly intuitive and you must listen to yourself all the time. Its a must !!!!! zodiac signs

Cancer-Zodiac Signs AND MEANINGS

June 22 – July 22
Cancer: You are born under the sign of Cancer—you are the water the sign of the zodiac—which means you are highly intuitive. You require lots of attention–lots of hugs and cuddling at times there will be times your moods can cloud your judgement, but you can pray those bad moods away, Some Cancers have worse moods than others zodiac signs

You are the nurturer of the zodiacs-but you must be careful not to interfere–when you are only helping.

People come to you and they love being around you –but its up to you to draw the line-because some people get addicted to you–and that can be a bad thing. You Cancer are spontaneous–and you try to have your way all the time -and depending on who you are with-you may always get your way–but you don’t like rejection–but you learn to live with it.

You Cancer have to make sure you don’t settle for less in life -Just because you are not getting the attention you deserve–don’t settle for what you are not getting–keep your eyes open and stay focused.

Always trust your gut because it will never fail you –You know what is on peoples’ minds-and you love having harmonious relationships with people–especially ones from your past.

Not for sexual activity-you just love to keep in touch with old friends and past things . You require lots of attention , care and understanding. There are times when Cancer doesnt get their way–they can have an episode on you –until you so ok.

Cancers are child like –yet intelligent–they feel what others feel–but they have to watch out being put in the middle of gossip situations. Everyone wants to put the Cancer in the middle–Cancer is the go to person when it comes to lifes lession of love. Cancers love to be pleased in every way–and there are times they dont get pleased–and they tend to settle for less–they dont think they will ever get pleased they way they want–but you can Cancer. Patience and understanding is the key.

Leo-Zodiac Signs AND MEANINGS

July 23–August 22
LEO : You are born under the sign of Leo—you are the fire sign of the zodiac—you have so much power and intelligence—most people just don’t know about you – most people are misunderstood about you –and its understandable – You basically are a leader—and you strive to be your best always , but there are times where you have to focus and don’t get discouraged – Most Leos love to procrastinate—and the reason behind that is –a lot of Leos can be afraid of failure –you have to tell yourself-you will do great things by taking that chance—or taking risks

Life is full of risks—so don’t be afraid of failure- you will find that when you take risks –things will always go your way . There are times where Leos will put so many great ideas up in the air—and you won’t follow through with it –and someone else will get compensated from your idea—that really sucks—so just follow through Leos .

Dont start something and then get into something else without completion. You must complete what you start in life–you will find it very rewarding Leo. Leos are strong–but sensitive–and they have the gift of gab. Leos speak into the future —but you must listen to every word they say. Some Leos have a tendency to have poor sleeping habits–and need to turn the TV off , in order to sleep. IT will mess up your entire life –if you cant sleep LEOS!!!! Focus always on the future–and never look back at the past, because it will slow you down.

Virgo-Zodiac Signs AND MEANINGS


August 23 — September 22
Virgo: You are a Virgo–the sign of the harvester, or the Virgin. You are the earth sign of the zodiac, just like other earth signs such as, Capricorn, and Taurus. But you are unique in your own special way. You have such a strong work ethic, at home and at work. Virgo people make the best supervisors, and managers. You should be in the lead, and others around you only wish to be like you-but they can’t . A lot of people love to be around you, but some people may not like you. WHY? Well -its your mouth.. Lol . Your mouth can get you in some serious trouble. A lot of people have a tendency to be intimidated by Virgo women. You have that aura around you that says “F up with me and See!!”. So a lot of people see that when they are about to come up to you. So don’t be surprised by the stares you get from some people .. I’m quite sure you don’t let others worry you, when it comes to work. But one thing you have to work on in your life , is not making small problems, bigger ones . You should always recite the serenity prayer-ALWAYS . Every morning, noon, and night, at the job- EVERYWHERE.

Libra-Zodiac Signs AND MEANINGS

September 23 — October 22
LIBRA: You are born under the sign of Libra – the sign of the scales –and its your plight in life to keep those scales balanced at all costs. You are a sweet person inside and out-and you go out of your way to help others– You help those who don’t need help—and you have to watch out for those individuals who want to take you for granted . At times most Libras can’t spot these people—and they love to be in your circle—As you age—the voice will come to you-and speak to you on who to trust and who to not trust . You love to have fun in your own special way—basically you can be a shopaholic- and its like you don’t care how much money you have—you love what it can buy—Libras love to have their egos stroked and they love to be spoiled. Libras give you the other side of the situation –and that can turn into something interesting or it may get on ones nerves . No one can be like a Libra .. The only sign that goes with all zodiac signs –they conform to the way the other signs is – I call Libras-the Chameleons of the zodiac ..

Scorpio-Zodiac Signs AND MEANINGS

The Scorpion
October 23–November 21
Scorpio: You born under the sign of Scorpio—You are the water sign of the zodiac—and you are highly intuitive—and you love to get inside a persons mind. A lot of people are very misunderstood about Scorpios—I know you have heard it all-from you being a Freak—or out there —and these are untrue—-You are a devoted person who loves to love-and loves to be loved. You really want only one person in your life—but that person has to be your equal. If you are bored in the relationship—or if you see no future in it—you will move on to the next. But if you are satisfied in your relationship—you will stay with that person forever. You are great at taking charge—and you have the mindset to do many things. You love to make money—and you love to create things for yourself. You will always have longevity, depending on what you are doing in life

Sagittarius-Zodiac Signs AND MEANINGS

November 22–December 21
You are Sagittarius, which means you are a fire sign.. You are a sweet sensitive caring person who loves to have your way with everything you do in life. I always tell Sag people to follow their dreams. But did you know that most Sags never do what they really are supposed to do in life — especially when it comes to your career. Its not that you are not focused. You are multi-talented, and you like to do a variety of things.But you got to ask yourself, “Am I happy doing this?” “Will I be satisfied with just this one job?” Take your time and ask yourself this question. “What can I see myself doing in life, where I am getting paid for it?” The answers will come to you really soon. Now if you are in a satisfying career, then ignore what I am saying to you. I run into a lot of fire signs (Sags) who are never satisfied with their careers. You have a fierce temper and a sharp tongue, if someone pulls it out of you .. You can be a workaholic at times, or you can be just lazy as hell.. There is no in between. Its either one or the other.


December 22–January 19
You are born under the sign of Capricorn .— You are the earth sign of the zodiac sign. You are the sign that will go out of your way for others—especially in time of need-you are goal oriented, and you hate when your goals and dreams are not met—you have to be careful not to come down hard on yourself when your dreams don’t come true. Capricorns are impatient people and expect things to happen just like that –but you can’t rush life, and what it has to offer. You have to tell yourself , everything has a process-and you have to lean on that –Most Caps can be stubborn, and not pay attention to the small detail—trust me , everything you put your all in, you will be successful at it—and you should try to work on your procrastinating. Oh yes-Caps are the kings and queens of it –whatever you put out there in to the universe, it will come back to you—whether it be positive or negative—so be careful what you ask for—you will get it .


January 20 –February 18
Kova burcunun altında doğdunuz – Su taşıyıcısının burcusunuz – ya da burçların hava burcusunuz – düşünürsünüz – ve her türlü şeyi düşünerek saatler ve saatler harcıyorsunuz – – mali durumunuzdan – size gelecekteki hedeflerinize – aşk hayatınıza – daha mutlu olmaya. Ama onu kapatmayı öğrenmelisiniz – günlük yaşamla başa çıkabilmeniz için onu kapatmalısınız. Bunun size çılgınca gelebileceğini biliyorum – ama çok doğru – güçlü bir kişiliğiniz var – ve bedeninizi ve zihninizi güçlü tutmak için yeme alışkanlıklarınız üzerinde çalışmanız gerekiyor. Yeme alışkanlıklarınızın biraz arttığını söylediğimde – yemek yemek istediğinizde yemeyi seviyorsunuz – Kova burcu için günün en önemli öğünü kahvaltıdır – Meyve ve sebzeler sizin için iyidir – özellikle eklemleriniz ve kan seviyeleriniz. Hep armutların nasıl olduğundan bahsederim ve yemişler Kovalar için iyidir – Bazı Kovalar bazen ayaklarının üzerinden geçme eğilimindedir – ve her zaman adımınıza dikkat etmeniz gerekir – özellikle evde – Kova’larla her zaman bacaklarını ne kadar çarptıklarına dair şakalaşıyorum. mobilya. O kakao yağını her zaman yanınızda bulundurun.


The Fishes
Febuary 19 to March 20
Pisces : You are born under the sign of Pisces—and you are known as the water sign –you are highly intuitive—and you love to have that balance in your life – You are a giving heart—but at times, a little too giving –and lots of people love to be around you for your personality and for what you can do for them. Its so difficult to weed out the ones who have bad intentions towards you –you have to trust your insides to help you. There are times where Pisces people don’t go with their gut—and that is a bad thing—you must trust your insides—and let it guide you always . Pisces people are basically psychic—and you already know what the future holds for you and other people that you know. You are a communicator-and you love to be flattered when it comes to you being interested in a mate.

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